Portland: Through the Lens

PUBLIC MARKET HOUSE – October – 2018 : 

This month The Public Market House features photographers Steven Tsaitsios and Easton Plourde. Tsaitsios can often be seen around town with a skateboard in one hand and a camera in the other. He has always dabbled in photography but has really honed in on his craft over the past two years. The practice of making photos and sharing his knowledge with others helps him to maintain his sobriety. His photographs often take the form of portraits that effectively capture the subjects’ character. You can view and purchase his work on the 1st floor of The Market House.

Plourde is primarily a film photographer, with progressive film processing. He also holds the position of editor-in-chief at Alter Analog. You can view and purchase his work on the 2nd floor of The Market House. He says about his work: “In life we tend to cover up our weaknesses. We jump to conclusions based on what we see. We make mistakes. We act human. I always enjoyed watching this trial and error process in us. Over and over sometimes, in the reverie of life. Some drifting deeper into an unconscious trance. Always being told and sold the “next big thing”. My art is a rebellious attempt to combat the “idea” of beauty. A place to seek deeper meaning in mystery. You’ve been waiting to feel something.”

Katie Burns -
Public Market House Art Coordinator
28 Monument Square
Portland, Maine 04101
Email : ktcoordinator@gmail.com