Utilizing // Pop Photography – Digital Cross Process (X-Pro)


     Cross processed photography; or as commonly abbreviated X-pro, was a discovery process that happens by mistake when chemicals switched from C-22 and E-4 to C-41(traditional film color). The colors produced at high contrast and unnatural colors, with hints of greens/yellows being overly abundant throughout the photo. With such a contrast, back in the days of film it became very unsought effect because of the lack of definition and grunge/vignetting.


     Thanks to today’s technology, I dived back into revisiting this effect in a digital mannerism to find love and use in any camera to have the best of both worlds. A photo that expressed more (w/ high levels of contrast) by making the subject stand out. Yet versatile, to the point of photos that were once un-achievable back in the day. A digital X-pro process that nods at the past yet remains stronger in detail and characteristics to today’s time.

The process behind Pop Photography 

     On the left a raw image from a Canon 6D m-ii. When I shoot for Pop Photos, I tend to shoot a little over exposed with my camera. Two reasons being; A – I can shoot faster (great for city action). B – It renders details soft, then when I add a dramatic contrast and sharping, the image takes on more of a plastic simplicity. the process starts with dropping the shadows and blacks, dramatically. Then add desired filters (greenish-yellow); Boost the saturation and exposure, smooth the colors for noise. Everything from shooting to the print can throw off the style and edit, It takes time to sort the shots that will work well and ones that end up, a little off.  

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